More than just fish and chips...





The Table at Codfathers Market is a seafood restaurant in Kelowna focused on creating dishes that use 100% sustainable seafood, served in a fresh, simple manner.

While the flagship dish on our seafood menu would be our Tempura Style Fish and Chips, our soups, stews and sandwiches are hard to beat.

Chef Ross Derrick of The Table Cafe and Jon Crofts of Codfathers Market work closely together each day, from Vancouver Island oysters, to wild British Columbia salmon, you can expect to be served the freshest, high quality seafood in Kelowna.

When our Chef and the Fishmonger come together, both have the opportunity to create a truly unique experience that allows The Table Cafe to be one of the few restaurants that can tell you not only where the the fish was caught, but who caught the fish.

The menus change about every two months, and they focus on what is coming out of the water, and being picked in the gardens.

We’re open from 11am - 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday, 2355 Gordon Ave. in Kelowna. Check the map to find out exactly where we’re located.



Ross Derrick